Indyref – There’s plenty of arguments, but nowhere near enough detail

In my last blog post, I analysed the historic and recent headline polling figures for the Scottish independence referendum, which takes place tomorrow. As you can see from the data in that post, the dominant opinion for some time was that there should be a ‘No’ vote. However, the ‘Yes’ […]

Indyref – the changing nature of the opinion polls

That graphic above is a word cloud. The source document is the highly important 1707 Act of Union. It’s part of what led to the formation of the United Kingdom, as we know it today. Think of the things that would be different (or not even exist) without it. On […]

Soldiers flee Nigeria as Boko Haram claim more territory

Anyone keeping themselves aware of what is going on in Nigeria will probably be wondering if there is going to be any end to it all. That’s a good question. Boko Haram have blown things up, as well as killing and kidnapping innocent people (well, they don’t think they’re innocent […]

Beheadings and brutality – a story of present day Saudi Arabia

I should start this post by making a very important point. This is only one aspect of Saudi Arabia that I’m discussing. I don’t (for one second) think that this is all that the country offers. There is a rich culture and history, as well as many other positive things. […]

Turkey 2014 – A lemonade salesman, a prisoner and a President

Recep Tayyip Erdogan started his life in Rize, which is near the Black Sea. Later on, he moved back to Istanbul (he was born there). At one point he sold lemonade and sesame buns. He had wanted to be a professional footballer, but his father prevented it. This enterprising and competitive […]

Cholera crisis in Africa – the situation in Nigeria

In my post about the Cholera outbreak in Cameroon, I mentioned that the suspected cause of the current situation is infected people fleeing the violence taking place in Nigeria (mainly related to Boko Haram). There are a large number of cases in Nigeria (both historical and current) and it’s worth taking […]

The worsening Cholera crisis in Cameroon

You’ll have heard many reports about the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa at the moment. It has already claimed many lives and it will claim more. It’s first outbreak was in 1976. However, there is something else in Africa at the moment and it’s existed for much longer than Ebola. That thing […]

MH17 – crash site restrictions and ongoing attrition

All my previous posts about this horrific crash (as well as the subsequent events) can be found here. Attrition – when used in the context of warfare – is defined as progressively wearing down the opposition. This is all that can be hoped for at the moment as conflict goes on […]