Monthly Archives: September 2007

‘No pimps allowed’ 1

Wikipedia has been a valuable reference tool for many people since it’s creation in 2001. Below is a list of the number of articles submitted in each of Wikipedia’s 10 most popular languages: English: 2,025,577 German: 644, 514 French: 562, 648 Polish: 427, 910 Japanese: 417, 000+ Dutch: 361, 237 […]

The cost of blogging 2

There has been plenty of news and opinion recently about whether bloggers can be considered journalists and whether they can expect certain rights and privileges. Recently, another story in a similar vein was reported by a number of people across the internet. The following is a quote from an article […]

Gone to SEED

Taken from The Free Dictionary: “Idiom:go/run to seed1. To pass into the seed-bearing stage.2. To become weak or devitalized; deteriorate: The old neighborhood has gone to seed.” One of those two definitions is probably what you were thinking after you read that title. Well, both are wrong. I’ve actually joined […]

Journalistic standards

Following on from my post about the licence fee etc. in a previous post, I have found another reason to criticise the BBC – this article. Here’s an example of why that piece was badly put together: “A 2005 study showed that an increase of 10 mobile phones per 100 […]

OOXML fun and games 1

If you’re an average home user, then I know what you’re thinking: “I can’t wait to hear the latest news about the emotional rollercoaster that is Office Open XML.” I hope you all noticed the slight hint of sarcasm there. The fact is, no average home user (at least no-one […]