Yearly Archives: 2008

Obama 338 – 163 McCain 3

As you can see from the result above, the Illinois Senator Barack Obama was elected to be the next President of the United States. He will start that job on January 20th, 2009. Results breakdownHere is a graphical representation of who won each state:Here is a simple breakdown of the […]

The HUU Governance Review 4

This year, after a referendum at HUU, a review of the current governance structures has been initiated. It’s the second one in three years and it attempts to correct any flaws in the existing setup that was created to make the union more compliant with charity laws. At the time […]

The ’08 primaries – not many left 1

On May 6th we had the primaries for Indiana and North Carolina. These states were incredibly important for Hillary as it was a chance to build up more late momentum (after her win in Pennsylvania). For Barack Obama, they were a chance to get an even bigger lead in the […]

The NUT industrial action 3

On Thursday, April 24th, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) members went on strike for one day, but there is the possibility of further action in the future. The reason for the strike was poor pay and conditions, however I think that this is a dubious claim and the type […]

Pennsylvania Wars: Clinton Strikes Back 1

Photo taken by Barbara Kinney Before the voting day in Pennsylvania, many people felt that Obama would lose in that state. He was behind in the polls and the citizens are people who fall into the categories that typically vote for Clinton. However, I’m always skeptical about polls – especially […]

Zimbabwe – the current situation

Since my last post about the problems in Zimbabwe, there has been even more developments – most of them are worrying. There has been increasing pressure on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and even more comment from the international community as well as further involvement from South Africa. The ZEC and […]

Ofcom’s social networking report

There have been many developments in social networks recently. It all started with the likes of Friendster and Friends Reunited. Now we have Facebook and many more people hoping to mimic or eclipse the success of Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg. The positives and negatives of this variety of website were […]

Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe 1

1980 will always be perceived as an important year in the history of Zimbabwe. It was the year the Robert Mugabe became Prime Minister of the country. He stayed in that position until 1987. After that he was appointed President and discontinued the role of Prime Minister. It meant he […]

The Single Transferable Vote system

In the publication How to conduct an election by the Single Transferable Vote, the following objectives for a valid election are listed: To discover the wishes of the electorate To ensure that as many voters as possible have an equal effect on the outcome To ensure as many people as […]