Monthly Archives: January 2008

More dropouts during election season 1

Yesterday we found out that both Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards dropped out of the race to be the nomination for their respective parties. I wasn’t particularly surprised about Rudy going – as I mentioned in my last post, he put an awful lot of work into winning Florida and […]

South Carolina – not on topic, not much detail. 1

A few days ago I heard about a debate on CNN between John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I recently watched it on Youtube and made numerous observations. The WithdrawalThe first observation was the absence of Dennis Kucinich, the person who seems to be forgotten frequently during this campaign. […]

US election process confuses the media 1

After I found about about the results in Nevada and South Carolina and read some of the analysis on the internet, I ended up thinking the following: Does the mainstream media in the US understand their country’s election process? At the moment I don’t think they do. Recently Nevada had […]

Wyoming and Michigan – controversy reigns 1

Everyone seems to have ignored the result in Wyoming. This is possibly because only the Republicans had their vote – the vote for the Democrats comes later on in the year. Only three candidates got delegates. Mitt Romney did well and got eight, Fred Thompson got three and the surprise […]

New Hampshire – the aftermath 2

“I hope things are still unsettled after New Hampshire…” The quote above is from a comment that Alfred Thompson left on my previous blog post, which was about the US election up to (and including) the Iowa caucus. He typed that because he doesn’t want the whole process to be […]

U.S. Elections 2008 – up to Iowa 2

This is probably going to be the first of a few posts covering the presidential race in the United States. I’ve been following it very closely because I have an interest in US politics and something like this is internationally important. First of all, below is a list of the […]