Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Single Transferable Vote system

In the publication How to conduct an election by the Single Transferable Vote, the following objectives for a valid election are listed: To discover the wishes of the electorate To ensure that as many voters as possible have an equal effect on the outcome To ensure as many people as […]

E-voting: should we use it? 1

There are multiple methods of voting and, for many years, a paper-based method has been preferred (in the UK, the United States and many other countries). However, in recent years there has been movements towards electronic methods. Several people have pointed out flaws, but there are also some great benefits. […]

The BMA vs. MMA 4

Since 1982, the British Medical Association have had a strong anti-boxing stance. It has called for a total ban on all amateur and professional competition. However, everyone has ignored this and many people continue to watch and enjoy the highly trained competitors in action. Now the BMA are taking on […]

Images and applying licences

There are many situations where you wouldn’t want your property stolen or misused. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your work (if you want it to be protected). In the software industry there are a vast array of open source licences and the most popular has to be the […]

Two Democrats and a Republican 1

The following is the results from the Democrat primaries which took place on March 4th: State Candidate Vote %age Delegates Texas Hillary Clinton 51 16 Barack Obama 48 10 Ohio Hillary Clinton 54 62 Barack Obama 44 46 Vermont Hillary Clinton 60 9 Barack Obama 38 6 Rhode Island Hillary […]