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HUU Elections 2009 – The delayed President 17

One of the more controversial aspects of the elections that recently took place at Hull University Union was the disqualification of one of the Presidential candidates – Jamie Scudamore. Due to that decision, made by Returning Officer Kat Docherty, Jamie appealed and that meant an Election Appeals Committee had to […]

HUU Elections 2009 – Polling days 3

Before I get onto the subject of this entry, I should point out that the current UST (Alex Hamilton) sent a message to me and said that as a result of my discovery about the confusing Returning Officer notices, the incorrect notice has been removed from He has also […]

HUU Elections 2009 – Candidates & Controversy 3

I haven’t posted since November last year. To be honest, I had lost the motivation to blog and I had other things that used up my time. Each of my posts take a while to research. Anyway, certain things have happened recently which have given me some motivation again. The […]