Monthly Archives: April 2010

The political future for Haltemprice & Howden 1

The constituency of Haltemprice & Howden has had an unusual recent history. In the upcoming general election, there could be another twist – but not necessarily one that means a change of MP. It could just be a simple change in majority size. To get an idea of what might happen, you need to see […]

‘In loco parentis’

When I was at college, I heard about the concept of ‘In loco parentis’, which is a latin phrase that means ‘In place of the parent’. Basically, when a parent is not available to supervise a child, there needs to be another responsible person who can take their place. When a child is at school, […]

Could there be a hung parliament? 1

Gordon Brown announced (yesterday) that the date of the 2010 General Election would be May 6th. After that announcement was made, He went off to campaign. Although the campaigning officially starts now, it has actually been taking place for several months and has featured various publicity stunts from all sides in an effort to get […]