Monthly Archives: September 2010

The second favourite wins the Labour leadership 1

If the Labour leadership election made use of First Past the Post, we would have had a very different result – David Miliband would be the winner. However, they used the Alternative Vote system and Ed Miliband was elected as the new Labour leader (by a narrow margin). It’s also a good example of AV […]

Positive discrimination at the Lib Dem Conference?

This year’s Autumn Liberal Democrat Conference got more media attention than normal. Many issues were discussed, but one of the more interesting motions was on the final day. Simply called ‘Diversity’ (F45 in the Conference Agenda, proposed by Lester Holloway), it was about the supposed lack of multiculturalism amongst the Liberal Democrat candidates for general […]

The TUC – Britain not at work?

The title (a paraphrasing of their tagline) might be a bit of an exaggeration as, according to the TUC website, it’s affiliated unions only represent 6.2 million people. Even though trade union membership has decreased dramatically over the years, they still manage to get media coverage. The reason they are in the news this time […]

Negative political TV ads/videos – are they necessary? 1

Over the years, the public has had the ‘pleasure’ of watching various negative political broadcasts on the TV. More recently, there has been a number of videos in a similar vein appearing on blogs and websites such as YouTube aswell. Nowadays, we all accept this as part of the normal campaigning process. However, is it […]