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Alan Johnson and The Shadows

It’s now widely known that Alan Johnson MP has resigned from the Shadow Cabinet and there has been a reshuffle as a result. Numerous news sources have covered it and bloggers from all sections of the political spectrum have given their opinions. This blog post is all about that news. […]

Hull City Council Corporate Plan Review – Part 5 (Safe) 1

Previous parts – Part 1 (Foreword and Intro), Part 2 (Earning), Part 3 (Learning), Part 4 (Healthy) The Corporate Plan is a long document that contains a number of parts. Unfortunately, there are some omissions and there aren’t LAA targets for all that the Council want to achieve. However, they […]

Hull City Council Corporate Plan Review – Part 4 (Healthy) 1

Previous parts – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 The first part of this series covered what was said in the Foreword and Intro of Hull City Council‘s Corporate Plan. The second part covered the section about ‘Earning’, which is more business and employment related. The third part covered ‘Learning’, […]

Hull City Council Corporate Plan Review – Part 3 (Learning) 1

Previous parts of this series – Part 1, Part 2. Education is an incredibly important facet of life. Qualifications can give you some of the knowledge that you need to find work and once you find a job you gain experience and more knowledge. You can also earn money to […]

Hull City Council Corporate Plan Review – Part 1 2

This post is the first of a series about the Corporate Plan for Kingston upon Hull City Council. Each of the following posts that will cover different area. They will cover ‘Earning’, ‘Learning’, ‘Healthy/Health & Wellbeing’ and ‘Safe’. Those areas came about as a result of the Sustainable Communitiy Strategy, […]