Monthly Archives: June 2011

Shadow Cabinet elections to go?

It was reported earlier today that Ed Miliband supports calls to scrap Shadow Cabinet elections. Many people support the idea (Tony Blair, Benedict Brogan and me as examples), but there is naturally some opposition and claims that it will be anti-democratic. This move has also been compared to the famous (and successful) attempts by Tony […]

The union definition of a majority 3

In yesterday’s blog post, I looked at the decision by the Public and Commercial Services Union to go on strike. I also noted the support of other trade unions. However, I pointed out the fact that whilst these unions claim there was a ‘clear majority’ of the members who support the action, these so-called majorities […]

Strikes and the wonder of Democracy

Yesterday (June 15th), the Public and Commercial Services Union (the PCS) announced the results of a ballot of it’s members. They were asked whether they wanted to go on strike over changes to public sector pensions that would mean increased contributions (this PCS article goes into more detail). These changes were proposed after recommendations made […]

Dennis Skinner – Dinosaur or legend? 3

I’ve sometimes joked that Dennis Skinner must be a Time Lord, because everytime I he speaks I feel like I’m going back into the 1970s. His tone sounds like an an old-school, angry industrial worker on strike (he was a miner though before becoming an MP and was a well-known supporter of Arthur Scargill). It’s […]

The rape sentencing reforms get shelved

Both David Blackburn and Nick Robinson have reported that Ken Clarke’s proposals to reform rape sentencing has been ‘shelved’. It’s important to not that this wasn’t a Bill that was going to be voted on. It was simply a proposal that could have moved on to something else if it was found to be suitable. […]