Monthly Archives: July 2011

Prison population problems

A recent topic of discussion is prisons and whether they work. In the Thatcher era, the then-Home Secretary Michael Howard claimed that they did. However, current Justice Secretary Ken Clarke believes in a more liberal approach. Prisons are certainly capable of restricting rights and therefore acting as a suitable punishment, but you could also say […]

The existence of apathy 2

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with an officer from Hull University Union on Twitter about the attendance at a conference. The subject of apathy came up and suggested there isn’t such a thing. He went on to say: “you can be disengaged or disenfranchised. Deep down everyone cares.” It’s true that […]

NOTW Closure: The Aftermath

Most (if not all) of the country will now know of the announcement that the News of the World will close. It was revealed in a statement made by James Murdoch earlier today. Everyone was rightly shocked by the phone hacking allegations and it is hard to believe that Rebekah Brooks (for NOTW Editor and […]

In response to Sunny Hundal 1

In this post on the Liberal Conspiracy blog, Sunny Hundal looked at the results of a recent YouGov poll, which asked questions about the strikes in addition to the regular ones about voting intention and leader approval. He concluded that more people blame the government for the strike action that took place on June 30th […]