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Armed Forces Day 2012

This blog post isn’t going to be long. It isn’t directly linked to politics, healthcare, education or any of the other topics I normally cover on here. It merely notes the importance of Armed Forces Day, which is happening at the time of typing. Across the country, there are celebrations, parades and all manner of […]

NUS plans another protest

Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Nothing¬†strengthens¬†authority so much as silence”. In a previous job, I often said that ‘it’s harder for me to fix something if no-one tells me it’s broken’. Both of those quotes can mean that in order to get change, you have to create a presence and the National Union of Students […]

Internship hypocrisy continues

On April 5th, 2011, The Guardian published an article which indicated there would be a Coalition-led clampdown on unpaid internships. One part of the article suggested “People will be encouraged to blow the whistle on unpaid internships”. The next day, there was the following in an article on the Target Jobs website: “The policy paper […]