Monthly Archives: May 2014

Ukraine 2014 – The Chocolate King beats the Gas Princess

For those who haven’t been following these elections, I guess the title needs some explanation. Petro Poroshenko recently topped the polls in the Ukraine Presidential election – held early due to political tensions in the area and the fact that the previous President – Viktor Yanukovich – was deposed. An interim leader has been in […]

Not quite an earthquake in the UK local elections

One of the things in the UK Local Elections that interests me the most is why on earth they don’t all take place at the same time, like constituencies in General Elections, or regions in the European Elections. It doesn’t necessarily create election fatigue, as each ward doesn’t have an election each time. However, it means […]

India 2014 – Landslide win for Modi

Narendra Modi was the Prime Ministerial candidate for the Bharatiya Janata Party in this election. He may not be the President of his party, but this result means he is now the leader of his country – a considerable step up from his beginnings as a tea boy in a railway station. He won in decisive fashion and […]