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Politics in the United Kingdom

Internship hypocrisy continues

On April 5th, 2011, The Guardian published an article which indicated there would be a Coalition-led clampdown on unpaid internships. One part of the article suggested “People will be encouraged to blow the whistle on unpaid internships”. The next day, there was the following in an article on the Target Jobs website: “The policy paper […]

More ineffective strike action 2

Those of you who have read my blog in the past will know my opinions of strikes and votes on them in relation to public sector pensions over the last couple of years. For a long time (even going back to before my student union days), I have felt that many unions are far too […]

What is the point of PMQs?

This week saw another Budget speech done by George Osborne, which was (mostly) leaked to the media beforehand. Prior to that though was another round of what some consider to be pantomime – Prime Minister’s Questions. Its an institution that goes back years, but is it effective and do we need it any more? In […]

Dorries defeated

To be honest, the result wasn’t surprising given the strength of feeling on the matter, which I mentioned in my previous blog post. Nadine Dorries‘s amendment about abortion counselling failed at the voting stage, with 118 Ayes and 368 Noes. It was a crushing defeat that came after some spirited and controversial debate. Some people […]

The Dorries Amendments 1

Nadine Dorries is a Conservative MP with a distinct set of views on a range of matters. Most recently, she tabled a set of amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill that have a focus on abortion. This follows on from an Early Day Motion sposored by Therese Coffey (and supported by Dorries). Many […]