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Soldiers flee Nigeria as Boko Haram claim more territory

Anyone keeping themselves aware of what is going on in Nigeria will probably be wondering if there is going to be any end to it all. That’s a good question. Boko Haram have blown things up, as well as killing and kidnapping innocent people (well, they don’t think they’re innocent because they support a government […]

Islamic State – The Mosul Dam conflict is merely one battle in a much larger war 1

In a war, there are many things that can help you get a victory. Those things can include gaining control of utilities, transport, and communications. The group of many names – currently called Islamic State (IS) – have used this idea and (in the past) taken control of such facilities as a refinery at Baiji. […]

Cholera crisis in Africa – the situation in Nigeria

In my post about the Cholera outbreak in Cameroon, I mentioned that the suspected cause of the current situation is infected people fleeing the violence taking place in Nigeria (mainly related to Boko Haram). There are a large number of cases in Nigeria (both historical and current) and it’s worth taking a look at what’s going […]