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London Met’s licence is revoked

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has announced the licence London Metropolitan University had, which allowed them to sponsor non-EU students, has been revoked. This decision was a surprise for many and, understandably, there is much distress amongst some/all of the affected students. However, what doesn’t help is the massive overreactions from organisations such as the […]

Sit ins, walk outs and shouting about fees and cuts

If you kept up with the news today, you will have noticed a large number of demonstrations across the country. This follows the demo/march organised by the NUS, which took place two weeks ago. Once again, they centre around the proposed changes to education funding (particularly in the HE sector) and fees. The NUS didn’t […]

Schools without pupils remain open

Today, this BBC news article was published which gave details of two schools still open in Wales, despite them having no pupils. This is in addition to the school in Carmarthenshire that was widely reported in the news earlier this month. In an era where cuts and savings have to be made, this situation has […]

‘In loco parentis’

When I was at college, I heard about the concept of ‘In loco parentis’, which is a latin phrase that means ‘In place of the parent’. Basically, when a parent is not available to supervise a child, there needs to be another responsible person who can take their place. When a child is at school, […]

The NUT industrial action 3

On Thursday, April 24th, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) members went on strike for one day, but there is the possibility of further action in the future. The reason for the strike was poor pay and conditions, however I think that this is a dubious claim and the type of action was the wrong […]