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Overreactions to tattoos

A couple of things prompted this post. Firstly, there was the following series of tweets from the Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, made yesterday: I replied to one of these, but I’ll go into that later. The second thing that prompted this post was an article from the Guardian, entitled ‘Just […]

Armed Forces Day 2012

This blog post isn’t going to be long. It isn’t directly linked to politics, healthcare, education or any of the other topics I normally cover on here. It merely notes the importance of Armed Forces Day, which is happening at the time of typing. Across the country, there are celebrations, […]

Lazy litter louts in Britain?

Some time ago, I did this blog post about the amount of litter that can be found in public transport areas, such as bus and train stations. It is definitely under the category of ‘personal annoyance’, but it was something worth investigating. I found that there are few bins in […]

Caring for the Carers 2

There are many people around the country who – for whatever reason – are unable to adequately take care of themselves. Inmany situations, the selfless actions of a group of Carers make the lives of those people better and more manageable. I have been lucky enough to know some of […]

Prison population problems

A recent topic of discussion is prisons and whether they work. In the Thatcher era, the then-Home Secretary Michael Howard claimed that they did. However, current Justice Secretary Ken Clarke believes in a more liberal approach. Prisons are certainly capable of restricting rights and therefore acting as a suitable punishment, […]

The existence of apathy 2

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with an officer from Hull University Union on Twitter about the attendance at a conference. The subject of apathy came up and suggested there isn’t such a thing. He went on to say: “you can be disengaged or disenfranchised. Deep down […]