The last flight of AH5017

To start this story, we need to go to Burkina Faso – a relatively small African nation with a population of 16,934,839. At 01.05 GMT, a plane took off from Aeroport International de Ouagadougou. It was a McDonnell Douglas MD-83, which was owned by Swiftair, but operated by Air Algérie. The plane […]

Indonesia 2014 – from obscurity to leadership

Joko Widodo won’t be a name that you’ve heard of before. He is not a well-known international diplomat. He doesn’t have many years of cabinet experience either. His name isn’t necessarily associated with major events in Asia over the past few years. However, now he will be known to many […]

MH17 – planes, trains and warships

All my posts about Flight MH17 can be found here. The events surrounding the tragic loss of life due to the actions of rebels in Donetsk seem to be developing every day. There is no slow down at all. This is a good thing. It means reporters are doing their […]

MH17 – black boxes and revelations

In my previous post, I blogged about the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down by the Donbass People’s Militia when it was flying over Donetsk Oblast. It was a mistake according to some sources. It is also the very definition of a tragedy which ended the lives of 298 […]

The horror of Flight MH17

Many people say that the plane is one of the safest forms of travel. Due to the horrific event in the skies over Donetsk on July 17th, it was also the last form of travel for 298 innocent people. Due to the use of a surface-to-air missile, pro-Russian separatists shot […]

Slovenia 2014 – the victory of a gymnast’s son

For a country with ‘love’ in the title, there doesn’t seem to be much recent affection for leaders of the National Assembly. This election was a true example of a triumph over the political establishment. The ruling party was beaten into opposition by someone described as a political novice, who […]

Afghanistan 2014 – you can (re)count on it

This is the fifth post that I’ve done about the 2014 Afghan Presidential elections. The entire series can be found here. The disputes seem to have lessened for now, but we still don’t have a result. After negotiations that were led by US Secretary of State John Kerry, there will […]

South Sudan is 3yrs old and growing up fast

When you’re 3 years old, you can walk and talk, speak clearly, ask plenty of questions and you’re not far off from going to school. You’re getting the basics that will allow you to have a happy and eventful life. There’s still plenty to learn and do though. On July […]

Afghanistan 2014 – preliminary runoff results 1

I thought about leaving this until the final results were announced. I like to work with definitive figures. However, there is plenty to talk about and I don’t want a subsequent post to be too long. It is important to know what is meant by ‘preliminary’. It is not some official telling […]

Islamic State – the happy fun group

You might have noticed the tiniest hint of sarcasm in the title. They may not have deposed governments. They may not have been elected. They may not have even been recognised as some form of official opposition by other nations. However, the group now known as Islamic State have established […]