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Soldiers flee Nigeria as Boko Haram claim more territory

Anyone keeping themselves aware of what is going on in Nigeria will probably be wondering if there is going to be any end to it all. That’s a good question. Boko Haram have blown things up, as well as killing and kidnapping innocent people (well, they don’t think they’re innocent because they support a government […]

The Nigerian schoolgirls – failure and assistance

This is the fourth blog post I have done about the Nigerian schoolgirls and the fifth centred around the activities of Boko Haram (‘Western education is sinful’). The first post about the schoolgirls was on April 16th and covered the initial news of the kidnapping. The post on April 17th was about the supposed rescue […]

The Nigerian schoolgirls – from rescue to misinformation

On April 16, I blogged about the news that over 100 schoolgirls had been abducted. On the 17th (yesterday), I blogged about the rescuing of the schoolgirls (well, all but eight) and noted that this was great news for everyone – the parents, the kids, the new military chiefs and the President (as it’s near […]

The rescuing of the Nigerian schoolgirls (well, most) 2

On this blog yesterday, I looked at news about the abduction of over 100 Nigerian schoolgirls. This happened the day after the bombing of a bus station near the nation’s capital, Abuja. Both events were suspected to be the fault of the Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram (names translates to ‘Western education is sinful’). I […]

Nigeria – from explosions to child abductions 5

Articles from multiple sources (such as BBC and Al Jazeera) yesterday reported that over 100 schoolgirls have been abducted by armed men in Nigeria (CNN and other sources reported a higher figure, but many more have stated it’s closer to 100). This happened relatively soon after the bombing near the capital – Abuja. Many suspect […]