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My Carers campaign ends

Regular readers of my blog will know that I admire the work of Carers and have felt (for a long time) that they don’t get enough recognition or support for what they do. They spend much of their time taking care of vulnerable people – often sacrificing part of their life as a result. They […]

Carer Case Study #1: Sarah 2

Some of you will remember a post I did called ‘Caring for the Carers‘. I went through the history of the Carers Allowance, mentioned the present situation and also advertised my campaign. The goal is for Carers Allowance to be increased so that it equals the National Minimum Wage. In an era of austerity, I […]

Caring for the Carers 2

There are many people around the country who – for whatever reason – are unable to adequately take care of themselves. Inmany situations, the selfless actions of a group of Carers make the lives of those people better and more manageable. I have been lucky enough to know some of these people (one former Carer […]