It’s time to drop ‘Conservative-led Government’ 1

If you watch PMQs, TV news or take notice of some other form of media, you’ll probably have heard the term ‘Conservative-led Government’. It is the latest thing being used by Labour to help destabilise the government, instead of focusing on creating alternative policy. In some respects, it’s a perfectly […]

HE fee increases and funding cuts – the Hull perspective 2

Yesterday, Hull University Union organised an event outside it’s building on the Hull campus of the University of Hull. This was one of many similar events happening at other universities nationwide. The NUS and it’s member unions felt these needed to happen as it’s close to the vote about HE […]

Negative political TV ads/videos – are they necessary? 1

Over the years, the public has had the ‘pleasure’ of watching various negative political broadcasts on the TV. More recently, there has been a number of videos in a similar vein appearing on blogs and websites such as YouTube aswell. Nowadays, we all accept this as part of the normal […]