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HSAFC: Re-occupation

Back in December, staff and students at the University of Hull witnessed an occupation of part of Staff House. It was a form of protest against the proposed increases to tuition fees and the cuts to Higher Education funding. As plenty of people pass through that building, it could be considered a wise choice. The […]

HSAFC Occupation – The EGM and the end (sort of) 1

December 17th, 2010 is the end of semester one at the University of Hull. HSAFC had a decision to make – carry on the occupation or suspend it and reoccupy at the start of the next semester. Carrying on would mean interrupting events happening over the weekend and they would risk being removed by university […]

HSAFC Occupation update

The student occupation in Staff House has definitely been noticed and there has been a certain amount of success. A large number of students have noticed it and provided their support. Certain university staff have made some form of contribution too – from good luck messages, to spreading the word, to copying leaflets. The general […]

The HSAFC occupation at The University of Hull 1

Starting on 13/12/2010, a group of students calling themselves ‘Hull Students Against Fees & Cuts‘ (HSAFC for short) occupied part of Staff House as part of ongoing protests relating to the increase in the maximum rate of tuition fees (amongst other things). I went there to find out more about the occupation, the group’s goals […]