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Not quite an earthquake in the UK local elections

One of the things in the UK Local Elections that interests me the most is why on earth they don’t all take place at the same time, like constituencies in General Elections, or regions in the European Elections. It doesn’t necessarily create election fatigue, as each ward doesn’t have an election each time. However,┬áit means […]

European Parliament Elections 2014 – the Lib Dem manifesto

So far in my series on the 2014 elections for the European Parliament, I have posted about why it matters, gone over historical voter turnout information, had a look at the different parties & alliances and (most recently) analysed the manifesto of the UK Independence Party. In this post, I will be going over what’s […]

It’s time to drop ‘Conservative-led Government’ 1

If you watch PMQs, TV news or take notice of some other form of media, you’ll probably have heard the term ‘Conservative-led Government’. It is the latest thing being used by Labour to help destabilise the government, instead of focusing on creating alternative policy. In some respects, it’s a perfectly legitimate phrase and I will […]

Labour Uncut disregarding part of the government

An article was recently posted on the popular blog ‘Labour Uncut‘ entitled ‘Can we please just ignore the Lib Dems?’. I viewed this with interest as the author (Rob Marchant) seemed to claim that campaigning against the Liberal Democrats was a waste of energy and they should focus their efforts on the Conservatives. He thinks […]

HE fee increases and funding cuts – the Hull perspective 2

Yesterday, Hull University Union organised an event outside it’s building on the Hull campus of the University of Hull. This was one of many similar events happening at other universities nationwide. The NUS and it’s member unions felt these needed to happen as it’s close to the vote about HE funding (that’s happening today) and […]

Positive discrimination at the Lib Dem Conference?

This year’s Autumn Liberal Democrat Conference got more media attention than normal. Many issues were discussed, but one of the more interesting motions was on the final day. Simply called ‘Diversity’ (F45 in the Conference Agenda, proposed by Lester Holloway), it was about the supposed lack of multiculturalism amongst the Liberal Democrat candidates for general […]

The political future for Haltemprice & Howden 1

The constituency of Haltemprice & Howden has had an unusual recent history. In the upcoming general election, there could be another twist – but not necessarily one that means a change of MP. It could just be a simple change in majority size. To get an idea of what might happen, you need to see […]