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NUS plans another protest

Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Nothing¬†strengthens¬†authority so much as silence”. In a previous job, I often said that ‘it’s harder for me to fix something if no-one tells me it’s broken’. Both of those quotes can mean that in order to get change, you have to create a presence and the National Union of Students […]

HE fee increases and funding cuts – the Hull perspective 2

Yesterday, Hull University Union organised an event outside it’s building on the Hull campus of the University of Hull. This was one of many similar events happening at other universities nationwide. The NUS and it’s member unions felt these needed to happen as it’s close to the vote about HE funding (that’s happening today) and […]

Sit ins, walk outs and shouting about fees and cuts

If you kept up with the news today, you will have noticed a large number of demonstrations across the country. This follows the demo/march organised by the NUS, which took place two weeks ago. Once again, they centre around the proposed changes to education funding (particularly in the HE sector) and fees. The NUS didn’t […]