Barnsley College ,British Institute Signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Our College

    On May 17, a delegation led by the vice-president Mr.Chris·Webberof Bamsely college visited our college to discuss the cooperative matters with leaders of our college.

    Mr. Webber visited our college at2:30 pm and college vice-president Mrs. Ling and Vice-director Chen Yihua made the reception on behalf of our school. The two sides mainly discussed the teacher and student exchange programs and other cooperation matters. After two hours of meticulous and efficient negotiations; both sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention, and signed the memorandum of cooperation on behalf of both colleges.

    Through this exchange, Mr.Webberwas very pleased to work with our college on a long-term basis, introducing the advanced British professional course on engineer and project management, spreading the concept of low-carbon building, while promoting the win-win development.

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