Workshop on Teachers Training and Development between CDP and VCC Successfully Concluded

    The training courses on teachers' development were held in 908#, theSoftware Building of our college. The Key Teachers from every department attended the three-day courses and they all agreed that such kind training was a great help to their teaching.

    In Sept., 2011, two schools entered into friendly cooperation after president He Jiming visited VCC with a hospitality administration team. An agreement of teacher training and students exchange was reached at that visit. ProfessorEva Murrayand professorDavid Ticknerwere selected to come to our college to train our teachers.

    This training was divided into two sections: from July 11thto 13th,

    Key teachers from member schools of Chengdu tourism and vocation education group were trained. From July 16thto 18th, selected teachers of our college, especially those teachers once fully worked in businesses, were trained to improve their teaching skills so that they could communicate their work experience to students.

    The three-day training contains essence of two professors’ training courses: 1. Describe how personal learning styles influence teaching and learning, 2. Integrate strategies and practices of effective teaching and effective learning when working with students, 3. Apply motivation strategies to create positive learning environments, 4. Plan and develop engaging and interactive lessons, 5. Use authentic assessment tools and practices to evaluate teaching and learning, 6. Develop and use reflective practice skills.

    The training finished, participating teachers all said they are benefited very much from this event.

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