Delegation from NYP Investigates Overseas Study Base

    Six leaders form NYP, that is Mr. Liao Jinglun, the assistant director of Life Science and Chemistry, Mr. Lai Baoxing and Mr.Cai Qixiu, the director and assistant director of information technology, and Mr. Li Tongyi, Ms.Dai Weilin and Mr. Zeng Deshui, the director and assistant director of business management, came to our college to inspect the preparation of students' research center co-constructed by us.

    On 9th, accompanied by vice president Ling Hong and internatioanl exchange director Chen Yuemei, delegation of NYP had a on-spot investigation of Huayuan campus and Gaoxin campus, with their focus on overseas students’ dining hall and apartments.

    After the investigation, leaders of two sides conduct a deep discussion on issues of study and itinenary of the first singapore students. First, Ling Hong introduced the progress of buiding up the overseas students study and research base. Then, Lai Baoxing said that NPY is actively publicizing the newly-built overseas study base to their students and he hoped more students can come to Chengdu. Finally, they discussed in detail the itinanery and expenses of students. They reached an agreement: on sept. 9ththis year, 40 singapore students will come to chengdu to study for two weeks with activities including general courses, chengdu culture, and so on.

    On 10thand 11th, the guests visted Xiling snow-capped mountain, Anren ancient town, hehuachi market, jinlin ancient streets and chunxi road to prepare the routs that singapore students will cover.

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