Our College Is Selected as the Overseas Study Base of NYP

    On Dec. 11-16, 2011, our college visited NYP and reached agreement with it on the detailed cooperation and exchange programs based on the Overseas Study Base project.

    Vice president, Linhong, director of teaching affairs, Chen Linrong, director of foreign language and international exchange division, of CDP vistited NYP and other three institutions. They discussed in depth with their Singapore counterparts on topics about curriculum, programs, faculty and internship training base. They reached an agreement: NYP puts its fourth students study base overseas at CDP. From this point, two sides will launch students exchange program and cooperation of other fields will be conducted step by step.

    Earlier this year, NYP has visited and compared several colleges in China, they has a good impression on CDP. So, the agreement can be reached this time. Next year, around March, three directors of NYP will revisit CDP to get concrete programs down. The initial plan is to send six groups of Singapore students to CDP to have two-week culture experiences and exchange

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