The School of Software

The school of software was established in 2006, aiming to foster all kinds of practical talents serving IT industry, equipped with three departments of computer science, electronic information, and digital art. Now the school has specialties such as software technology, applied computer technology, internet technology, cartoon design, art design, image design, implied electronic technology, building intellectualized technique. The school is talents base for the strategy of “making Chengdu powerful by developing software industry”, and is the practical training base of computer implied software technology supporting by central government finance. The school is equipped with comparatively completed and advanced practical conditions and facilities, and with powerful faculties who both master the updated knowledge and possess professional experience, 30% of them holding at least titles of associate professors, 60% of them holding master degrees or above and double-qualified teachers. The faculties compiled or co-compiled more than 50 course books, conducting “study on constructing fostering mode of middle-low software talents in Chengdu through multivariate”. In this school, all teachers of different specialties teach and learn from each other, closely cooperate, improve themselves together, thus, a team of double- qualified teachers has formed.

With the concept of “highlighting the feature of software technology, guiding by the market demands, focusing on developing competence, setting up specialties according to demands, strengthening teaching and studying for skills, comprehensively drawing the students’ potential”, the school set the goals for fostering high quality professionals serving the development of Chengdu software industry, synchronizing specialty set-up and the economic development in Chengdu. The school sticks to the principle of “stressing morality to be true man, cherishing competence to do work well, learning to survive with practical skills, creating to compete”, focusing on comprehensive professional competence of implied technological blue collars, devising teaching reform plan, strengthening practical teaching section, trying to perfect the students’ competence, and making its best contribution to Chengdu software industry.

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